Marketing & Business Support

You and your business deserve to thrive.

Doulas often forget that they are a real business owners.

They need business coaching and marketing support just like any CEO.

But you have one special need when it comes to business coaching:

You need someone who knows birth, pregnant people, and expectant families.

Ours is a very unique market.

And it needs very specific guidance.

I can't tell you how many business courses I've taken that just won't work for doulas.

Don't watch the vision for your business get sidetracked because you get inappropriate advice without realizing it.

Listen, it's hard to start and grow without support. I was a diehard DIYer when I started my business and made so many mistakes.

Now, the first piece of advice I give any business owner is: Get help!

And get that help before you crash and burn.

You can read all the books and take all the online courses and still struggle to find the right model for your birth business.

If you want to watch it grow and thrive for years to come, invest in someone who gets you and your vision and can help you succeed.

The most important thing for marketing is a clear message. Make sure customers know what you do within 10 seconds of landing on your page or reading your email. Website copy, emails, funnels, and blogs are my specialty.

  • Develop a marketing message that is clear and speaks directly to your ideal clients
  • Craft a website that works for you 24/7
  • Build a sales funnel to attract and nurture new clients
  • Learn messaging skills from a pro

Any successful business owner will tell you they started with a vision, goals, and a plan. And then they followed them. Ready to start, grow, or fine-tune your business? I'll help you develop the tools and keep you accountable step-by-step.

  • Assessment tools to help you focus and make the most of your time.
  • Start with a business concept and leave with a business plan, vision, and action items
  • Develop new digital products, personalized forms, and documents
  • Organize and automate to spend more time outside of work
  • Plan your 5-year budget and financial sheets

For new doulas just getting your business off the ground, or doulas who are ready to grow, this course will get your business where you want it to be.

  • Set up your business with a solid foundation
  • Define your niche market
  • Find the words that will attract the clients you want to work with
  • Learn to market and manage your business in under 10 hours a week
  • Create sustainable services and income
  • Set up systems to keep your marketing, scheduling, finances, client management, and self care flowing smooth

Should you work with me?

I don't only work with birth-related businesses! I help any small businesses get up and running, grow, and thrive.

I work best with heart-centered businesses, and people with an edgy or quirky voice. I especially love working with people who promote social justice and anti-racism in their life and work.

Whether you need help articulating what you do, getting more clients, planning and organizing, launching or expanding, do it with a fun and inspiring guide by your side.

Businesses I've consulted or written for include: