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Birth consulting

Are you an author, producer, actor, or director creating a scene about birth? Please make sure what you are showing the world is accurate.

Much of the dysfunction in modern birth culture is because what little people know about birth they learned through media — films, TV, magazines, and books. If someone saw a poorly portrayed birth scene (and the vast majority are), they believe it to be true. Misconceptions breed from that single exposure.

Many enactments of birth are populated with characters who are stereotypes, dialog filled with cliches, and ridiculous scenes which create doubt in your audience. Consumers have tolerated silly birth scenes in the past, but nowadays  doing a sloppy job only weakens your product.

I spent over 20 years of my life sitting with expectant parents, unraveling the misinformation they gleaned about birth from inaccurate media. Don't contribute to the problem of misrepresenting birth.

I will review your manuscript, script, article, or dialog, or visit you on set to provide expert feedback regardless of the type of birth. Whether your scene is in the hsopital, at home, or in the back seat of the Tesla, I can help you create a hilarious scene that is still realistic, or a dramatic scene that is riveting. You will have characters that are believable.

I will help you create an accurate — but still entertaining! — birth scene.

And you can be a part of changing birth in our culture.

"Carrie Kenner was, and is, the best instructor I have ever had the pleasure to meet.  Her explanations are clear, her demeanor is very approachable and light, and she works hard to get the content across in different ways so that it is accessible to all."