Who is Carrie?

Creatrix. Birth maven. Mentor.

My life’s work is to heal the world and manifest peace by changing the nature of how we do things – from how we eat, to how we birth, to how we work.  I have lived as a mother, grandmother, educator, urban farmer, business owner, musician, artist, project manager, race director, mentor and friend.

My primary role right now is as an educator and mentor.  My intention as an educator and mentor is to facilitate self-discovery in others, and to raise awareness of the many ways of being human.  I incorporate concepts from the consciousness of babies prenatally, to the abundance of health that is offered by our planet.  I support folks getting ready to have a baby, or launching their own business. I derive my greatest joy witnessing the transformation a person goes through in their parenting journey or entering a new career, as well as from watching a seed turn into a fruiting plant.  I am honored to be able to work with people at this incredible time in history, to do what I love, and call it my ‘work’.

I love reading, learning from children, gardening, dancing, sewing, hanging out with trees, being in water, silence, and sunshine.

A new adventure for Carrie...

If there’s anything I am drawn to…. it’s CHANGE!  I know change can be uncomfortable for many, but I have always leaned into it and actually thrive on it.  For those who know me well, they’d even say I go out searching for it.  And they are right!

My biggest fear is being static, not changing.

At the end of July 2019 I am leaving Seattle.  I am divesting all my worldly possessions, and traveling the country in a camper van (that's it in the photo), training birth professionals along the way, for a year or two.

I have lived in the Northwest all my life, and in Seattle for 37 years.  There are so many places I have never seen or visited, and I’m curious what Vermont looks like, what the folks in Kentucky have to say, to see the soil of the South, and on and on… My youngest son is 18 now, my oldest grandchildren are all moving away, I am done with city living, and I can work from anywhere – all signs say the time is now!

You can follow my travels on my blog.  I'll see you on the road...

 * Carrie *

"Carrie as a doula educator is in her element. She is balance between heart, head, and instinct, exuding calm confidence with quick intellect, as well as current knowledge of all the intricacies of being a doula."

- E.B.

Current & Past Roles

  • Birthing From Within, Director of Doula From Within, February 2018 - present
  • Certified Facilitator, Birthing From Within, September 2018 - present
  • Owner, Big Belly Services, 2001 - present
  • Past Certified Doula and Approved Birth Doula Trainer, DONA International
  • Senior Instuctor, Simkin Center at Bastyr University, 2004-2018