What makes a place ‘home’?  Is it where your stuff is?  Where you sleep at night?  Where you were raised?

I often asked my doula students, during their introductions, to tell me where ‘home’ is – and leave it up to them to define that for themselves.

As a person without a house by choice, I struggle with the many times I’ve used the term ‘home’ since I’ve been living on the road. “When I go home…”, “Oh, it’s at home…”,  “I’ll be home next month…”. Sometimes I’m referring to a place where my stuff is kept. Sometimes I’m referring to the place where I sleep at night. Sometimes I’m referring the place where I am from, where my family still lives.

My first weeks after leaving the house I used to live at on Beacon Hill, my phone kept telling me how far I was from ‘home’. iPhone, you have no idea!

It really bothered me that that house was no longer my home. I loved that house, the urban farm I had created, the memories that were created there. It was my reference point, just like my iPhone was telling me. But it’s not any more. I still grapple with my definition of home, and trying to explain it to others. Thanks for rubbing it in, iPhone, thank you very much.

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Carrie Kenner is an educator, creator, mentor and adventurer traveling the country in a camper van. Follow her at carriekenner.com.