My first destination was Kansas City to visit my dear friend, Margaret, and to teach a Birthing From Within workshop. Twenty-six hours of driving divided by four days = six hours driving a day. Pretty reasonable.

Getting through Eastern Washington and Idaho was a breeze. But Montana went on and on and on. But what beauty! Anyone who thinks Montana is just huge expanses of flat ranch land hasn’t driven through Montana. It was mountainous, and green, and yes, lots of ranch land too. I had incredible weather for all four days. And as I continually found myself saying ‘This is so beautiful!” at every turn, I came to realize:


This land, this earth is ALL so beautiful! All of it. Green mountains, rocky crags, wheat fields as far as you can see… The only ugly things are what humans have done to it. And thinking that this land is the only beautiful place. Beauty is EVERYwhere on this planet. With all people. In all places. Forget about pride. We should be humbled.


I sleep at rest areas (some states allow overnight stays, some don’t – did you know that?) or campgrounds if I want to have access to water and electricity. I stayed at the very first KOA campground every created (and the very first KOA campground I’ve ever stayed at) in Montana. But check out this incredible find:

This is in a rest area in South Dakota.  The sculpture is called ‘Dignity‘ and she stands on a bluff overlooking the Missouri River. By daylight, her quilt sparkles in blue. At night, she glows.

An awe-inspiring sight!

There is a price to pay for seeing all this beauty.  Here are the casualties of life on the road:

I’m so sorry sweet yellow butterflies : (  After the carnage, I made it to my destination…


First leg of the trip: check!

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