Marketing Consultant. Copywriter. Author. Birth Maven. Coach.

I help people find their passion, follow their passion, and live their passion.  My past area of expertise is birth, but I currently support people in creating abundant and sustainable lives through consulting, education, coaching, and workshops.  Get out of the rut and on the road to doing what you are meant to do!



Amazing webinars that you can learn with any time, any where, at your own pace.


Love your business and your life as much as you love helping new families.



In-person events to nourish your soul and deepen your practice

Hi, I'm Carrie...

I am a do-it-yourself trailblazer.  I've done everything from playing classical piano, living in the woods, producing triathlons (and competing in them), running my own business, creating an urban farm, and now... living in a van while I travel around the country.

I believe we all come into the world with a particular gift to give. Mine is modeling creativity and resourcefulness to get shit done outside the box. I have crafted the life I am supposed to be living, and I want to help you craft yours too!

I love to mentor people into the best version of themselves.  I'm passionate about dismantling racism and injustice.  I tell it like it is, help folks break through barriers, and do it all with a compassionate and loving heart.  I hope I get to work with you!



"Carrie’s teaching style flows easily and she is ever attentive to the unique needs of her students – I can’t recommend a more down-to-earth, joyful and kind-hearted person to have as a mentor and teacher!"


"Carrie Kenner was, and is, the best instructor I have ever had the pleasure to meet.  Her explanations are clear, her demeanor is very approachable and light, and she works hard to get the content across in different ways so that it is accessible to all."


"Carrie is rich in knowledge and wise in spirit."


"The course I took was life altering.  I return to the teachings and handouts frequently, even though it has been a few years ago.  I feel like the experience was vital to my development as a doula and it was a fantastic foundation for my career."


"One of the things that I have loved the most about being a participant in this program is the ability to ask any question, whether big or small, which have come up constantly for me throughout this journey. I would recommend this program to anyone who is just starting out as a doula, or who wants to take his or her business to the next level. I am sincerely grateful that I took the leap and joined the first JSYDC cohort; it has been so worth it."


"This program has been a game changer! The classes and access to Carrie have helped me better define my practice and skills, generate new ideas, and follow through. Meeting other doulas to learn from and cheer on has also helped me feel more connected within the doula community. It has been such a safe welcoming space to explore and thrive. I can’t recommend it enough."


I am so very grateful that I chose to invest in myself by joining Carrie’s Jump Start program. Furthermore I feel foolish that I thought that perhaps I had outgrown my need for this program… The class provides a wonderful opportunity for me to practice the self care and self investment that I motivate my own clients to choose. Carrie is sincere and authentic. Honest and observent. She is not intimidated to talk about the hard topics. She’s professional and yet incredibly emotionally intelligent. I highly recommend taking Carrie’s JumpStart program!