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Online training. Business & life coaching. Marketing support. Writing services.

It's hard to follow your passion. To live your passion. Sometimes, even to find it.

If you want your passion to drive your life, you've come to the right place because I help people like YOU.

Whether you're trying to figure out where to start...or where you're headed, having someone who's got your back is key. (Especially when everything around you says "Play it safe and stay right where you are." Yuck.)

I believe everyone comes into their life with a special gift for the world.

I want to show you how to bring your gift forward step by step.

I've been helping people become a doula, start a business, launch a course, market themselves, write a book, or have a life they love for over 20 years.


Are You Ready... finally take the steps you've dreamed of? Get the support you deserve with training, consulting, coaching, or writing help.

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Let's manifest all the good you came to do.

I support solo and small businesses with messaging, copywriting, marketing, and product launches.


I support doulas with training, business coaching, and marketing support, and serve as a media consultant.

I support writers and authors with coaching, editing, and book launches. And I ghostwrite for the rest.

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Hi, I'm Carrie...

I am a do-it-yourself trailblazer. I've raised three sons, put myself through college, taught myself how to play a few instruments, lived in the the woods...on an island, produced triathlons (and competed in them), started three businesses, trained thousands of doulas, attended hundreds of births, created an urban farm, and converted a van that I traveled around the country in.

Why did I do all that? Because I was moved to. Our lives are always motivated by divine inspiration. We simply have to listen...and say "yes" to that creative force.

I believe we all come into the world with a particular gift to give. Mine is inspiring people to live creative and resourceful lives that get shit done. I inspire out-of-the-box thinking and would love to help you craft the life and business you want!

I love to mentor people into the best version of themselves. I'm passionate about dismantling racism and injustice. I tell it like it is, help folks break through barriers, and do it all with a compassionate and loving heart. If that sounds good to you, let's get to work!